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Bleuchip Country Club is the first iconic community bringing real world impact from the metaverse.

Financial illiteracy has plagued our society for far too long. Many endure long hard work days, hustling for every dollar, longing for a retreat, away from the grueling rat race. Bleuchip Country Club provides members with places to relax and reflect on their accomplishments giving them the balance and peaceful restoration required to reach their goals.

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Mint Price

1.3 Ethereum + Gas Fee




Bleuchip Country Club NFT Launch

Let’s come together to defeat financial slavery

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Bleuchip Country Club Collection

Members receive Annual 6 Day/5 Night retreat to a Clubhouse of your choice

10% sold
First 50 members receive Cheddar Cheeze NFT drop that will give them early access to scheduling trips in Clubhouse Calendar.

25% sold
25 Clubhouse properties acquired in major cities decided by community vote.

50% sold
Launch Clubhouse Calendar and allow Bucks to start scheduling their vacations

75% sold
100 Clubhouse properties acquired in major cities decided by community vote.

100% sold
Begin six day/five night trips at all Bleuchip Country Clubhouses and launch enrollment for Bleuchip Financial Literacy Youth Program for underprivileged youth.

Future developments will be announced in Roadmap 2.0.



Future developments will be announced in Roadmap 2.0.

Cheddar Cheeze : The first 50 Bucks minted will be awarded Cheddar Cheeze. The Cheddar Cheeze NFT will give Buck’s exclusive early access to the Clubhouse Calendar.

Clubhouse Calendar : The Clubhouse Calendar similar to AirBNB will allow members to schedule their annual retreat at active Bleuchip Country Clubhouses.

Clubhouses : Bleuchip Country Club will acquire properties/villas in major cities that Bucks can access using their NFT. This will include experience/themed properties like ranches, wineries, or outdoorsman getaways. Clubhouse Calendar will be available to all Bucks after 100% mint.

Community fund activities : With successfully funded community fund, Bleuchip Country Club will propose various upgrades to Clubhouses, added perks (cars, golf carts, atv/utv, water sport crafts, winter sport crafts etc) and other activities to include on annual trip.

Partnerships : Bleuchip Country Club will keep growing and expanding exposure of the brand, with notable partnerships including art contests, community grants, creative and fun activities with daily/weekly prizes, and more…

Bleuchip Country Club

The journey of Bleuchip Country Club through the metaverse continues...


Brittney DoGood
Brittney DoGood
Founder of Bleuchip Country Club
Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson
Anthony Morgan
Anthony Morgan
Creative Director


What is NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of real-world items like art, video clips, music, and more.

What blockchain is Bleuchip Country Club based on?

Ethereum. ERC-721 Token and file hosting is IPFS

What Is The Total Supply ?

In total there will be 10,000 unique NFTs with over 100 attributes.

When will I see a picture of my Bleuchip Country Club?

The entire BCC collection will be visible after February 15, 2022

How to mint?

Minting will be available on our website on the day of launch. Whitelist will be available for early contributors, and it provide a guaranteed spot to mint the Bleuchip Country Club NFT during presale, and a longer time frame to mint. Presale details will be announced closer to the mint date.

Where can I find more information?

Join our Discord and open a support ticket, our team is available 24/7.